About Ugo Capeto

This is where you're supposed to see a bio written in the third person. Well, not here.

I like to sketch/draw/paint just for the fun of it (Wouldn't mind getting paid for it at some point though.) I don't have any formal training but I have bought and read so many books on the subject that it's a bit nauseating. No preferred medium although I tend to gravitate around charcoal, graphite, pen-and-ink (and its cousin, the ballpoint pen), and digital.

I get bored easily so I tend to do a lot of quick sketches, as opposed to finished paintings.

In terms of technique, I don't use any aid for drawing, it's all good old free-hand (The way it should be.) Kinda wish tracing and/or using grids wouldn't exist in the so-called art world.

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