Sunday, July 27, 2014

Digital drawing in Krita. Fast, loose monochrome rendering using the Ink_tilt_20 brush. Well, loose everywhere except in the mouth area where I went back and forth in black and white (I used white as an eraser). I wouldn't say the likeness is there but it's close enough. Digital is cool and all but doing a full portrait in color still takes quite a bit a time (compared to the real media). An ink drawing takes a mere 5 to 10 minutes. Even with digital, you can do loose, quick sketches, and that's a good thing. I tend to work small, not zooming in unless I really have to. That speeds up the process even more. Of course, nothing beats working with a pen on real paper but then, you have to scan the thing. Reference and other renderings: Would someone like to draw my SO? His smile lights my world.

Digital drawing/painting done with Krita, the totally free digital painting software. The reference photo and other renderings can be seen here: Me with my dramatic face on! Draw me?

Corresponding sketch in the all too familiar blue pencil.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Sketch made in Krita. The reference photo can be seen here: This is my pops and I, having us drawn would be amazing!

Drawing/painting done with Krita using one of the hairy brushes. It' all free hand (as usual) and I am sure it shows (as usual). Reference photo can be seen here: Could someone draw me, please?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Digital drawing/painting done in Krita. I left the sketch in there underneath the paint layer. Reference photo is right here along with other renditions: A cool test photo that my grandmother took of my profile.

That's the sketch in blue pencil all by itself.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Digital drawing/painting done in Krita. Reference photo: I've always thought this self portrait would make a fun painting or drawing. Would anyone like to try? I'd love to see your style.

Sketch I've made prior to painting. Clearly, it was not quite right.

Digital drawing/painting made with Krita. Reference photo is here: Reddit can you draw my favourite picture of me.

That's the sketch I made before putting in the color.

Digital drawing/painting done with Krita using the Basic_circle_wet brush. You can have a good look at the reference photo here: I couldn't decide between these two pictures of me, so it's up to you guys!

Yeah, that's the sketch I did before putting the color. The sketch is just a guideline since there's usually always something that's not quite right.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

This is a digital painting/drawing done with Krita using Pencil_2B and Hairy_Details brushes. For the reference photo, check: My favourite pic of my wife and our Mastiff puppy. I love the colours. Very excited to see your take!

That's the sketch I had to work with.

This a drawing/painting made with Krita. For the photo reference, I invite you to check I don't have many interesting pictures and I hate selfies. So could someone make this selfie into something interesting? Thanks!

This is the sketch I made prior to go nuts on the colors.

This is a digital drawing/painting done with Krita. For the reference photo, please go to Today was a good hair day! Here I am, pondering in profile.

This is the sketch I made prior to "painting".

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Redditor in grayscale glory, 2014, digital, 800 x 600.

This was done in Manga Studio 5 using pastel charcoal. For the reference photo, check Please draw my beautiful girlfriend?

Redditor in black and white, 2014, pen and ink, 8 x 7.

Quick sketch in pen on card stock. For the reference photo, go to I pretty much detest my picture being taken. But once a decade or so there's one image I like. Anyone want to draw me?

Redditor looking serious, 2014, pen and ink, 6.5 x 5.

This is a quick sketch in pen. For the reference photo, check out Picture of me from my college years, I was just getting to know the man behind the camera at the time, who I am now engaged to.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Redditor with glorious red beard, 2014, pen and ink, 8 x 5.5.

To check out the red beard in technicolor, go to The folks in r/beards suggested I crosspost my yeard update here!. What's a yeard? Anyways, this is "pen-and-ink" on card stock. This sketch was done super fast to keep it super fresh.

Redditor with almond eyes and orange hair, 2014, pen and ink, 8 x 6.

If you want to see the orange hair and the refence photo, please go to I would love to see an artist representation of me! Much appreciated in advance. This is very quick sketch in "pen and ink" on card stock. I love this type of sketches where you don't erase and just restate lines until they kinda look right. It makes up for a very dynamic rendering even if the likeness is not always there.